lean into the kiss.

Posted: September 8, 2017 in Uncategorized


This is my granddaughter.
I’m quite fond of her.
She is an object of great affection for me.
I love her ridiculously.
Look at the face!
I would safely estimate that this face has been kissed at least 4,374 times.
During her short time on this planet, between parents, two sets of grands, and assorted family and friends, the Moonpie has been slathered in smooches.
I might be biased, but she is just so darn kissable.
Her reaction to all of this affection is pretty sweet.
She has learned to lean into the kiss.
When I kiss her, she falls into my face.
That, by the way, is the proper reaction to affection from someone you trust.
Lean into the love.
But, trust seems to be the key.

Let me get personal for a moment, the lover of your soul wants to show his great affection toward you.
If you would honestly look at your life you will likely discover thousands of kisses from Jesus.
It’s nothing weird or religious.
They are sweet little moments when you experienced hope and beauty, life and laughter.
Sometimes we don’t recognize them because it’s hard to trust.
We are afraid to lean, we think we will fall on our face.
But there are sweet little trustable moments that show up in the unlikeliest places…kisses from Jesus.
Some of the Jesus kisses I have received:
My wife.
An amazing bunch of family and friends.
A cool breeze on my bald head.
An encouraging word.
An unexpected gift.
Puppy breath.
My Mom’s chicken and dumplings.
Carolina sunsets.
80s musical.
Salt water taffy.
Finding a PEZ dispenser that I didn’t have.
Good books.
The beach.
A good day in the middle of a not so good week.
A sweet little granddaughter that leans into my kisses.

Kisses from my Creator…
they all serve to remind me that I am loved.
I choose to lean into that love.

I hope that you realize that YOU are the object of a great affection.
Your Creator is quite fond of you.
YOU are loved ridiculously.
It is an affection that can be trusted.
When you lean on it, you won’t fall on your face, you will fall into HIS face.
That’s a good place to be.
Learn to trust Him.
Fall into His face.
Lean into the kiss.

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