Let he who is without hurl first.

Posted: September 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

They are out there…
Waiting to get you.
You are living life, minding your own business, and…
You feel the sick, stinging thud.
It’s the sting of the stoners.
The stoners…
It’s…ummm…not what you think.
The stoners are the self appointed throwers of the stones.
They pick up rocks and watch and wait.
They lurk in the dark places ready to throw rocks at you.
If they catch you being-saying-doing something that they don’t approve of they chunk a rock.
The stoners.
They are selective in their stoning. They throw rocks at the things they either personally wrestle with the least or the most.
Sometimes the stone is a smokescreen.
The stoners make a lot of smoke, but very little fire.
They prove the old adage the chicken that squawks the loudest is gonna lay a big egg…or rock.
There is another ancient adage that is so much more helpful to humanity…
“let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone”
We all have a few stones to hurl.
We all have our own bag of rocks.
We need to decide what to do with them.
We can throw ’em or turn ’em.
You see, there are so many other uses for a good rock.
You can skip it and create some beautiful ripples.
You can use it as a paperweight to hold your lofty thoughts, or as a door stop to let others know that they are welcome.
You can paint a rock and totally change it’s colors.
The heaviest stones can become the most beautiful stories.
Here’s an unbelievably cool idea…
instead of using a stone to bust, you can build!
You can use stones to create houses and fireplaces and…bridges.
Pick up the rocks that have been hurled at you and build a bridge!
THAT will show the stoners.

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