Life in the Cheap Seats.

Posted: July 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Life is different up in the cheap seats, up where the air is thinner, up where you are just grateful to be in the stadium, up where it’s an effort to find your seat. It’s a hike!
Sometimes, we feel like we are destined to spend our lives in the cheap seats. We watch the fortunate souls in the suites or the box seats, and we think, “what a waste!! I SHOULD be sitting there!”
But, what if we are meant to be in the cheap seats. It’s not an accident. It’s where we belong. That is where we find our people, that is where we find our perspective.
The cheap seats give you a unique view, the opposition looks smaller.
The crowd is different, they are wilder and not afraid to have some fun. They wave their foam fingers in the air and loudly declare their allegiance. Their life has been affected by what happens in the stadium, they aren’t afraid to let everyone know.
It’s easy to start something up in the cheap seats, whether it be the wave or a fight. People are looking for something to shout about. It’s easy to make friends as long as you aren’t looking down on them.
You have to realize that the fans are just as passionate in the cheap seats as the suite dwellers, maybe even more passionate. Life has just taken them to a different seat.
Life is good up in the cheap seats.
So at the risk of a nosebleed, I’m going up high, up where my problems seem smaller and the people around me are quicker to laugh.
Give me a minute, it takes a while to climb up the bleachers.


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