A Ghost Story…

Posted: July 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Gather around the campfire, I have a story to tell about a campfire that took up residence in me…

It’s a Ghost story and I assure you it’s completely true…
I first met the Ghost in a creaky old farm house in West Texas. The house had once been a family home, but that was many years ago. Now, it was in serious need of a paint job. There were large insects and rumors of creepy snakes. It was the perfect place to put a bunch of kids. It was there that I experienced a Ghost encounter. I had heard others tell Ghost stories, I had occasionally sensed a presence. But, when I turned to look, there was nobody there. That day was different, a seasoned Ghost-hunter named Jeanette kindly prayed that I would know the Ghost…and it happened! I met Him. This Ghost doesn’t scare me, in fact He helps me conquer my fear.
It’s crazy that my biggest source of comfort is a Ghost. Everyday I hear the Ghost, He gently whispers to me, “you are bigger than you think you are, you have experienced the indwelling of the infinite. You are a habitat for the Holy.” He assures me that I’m never alone. He tells me the truth and tells me which way to go.
I’ve learned to listen to the Ghost.
Some people have acted as self appointed Ghost busters. They deny the presence of the Ghost or they say that He hasn’t been seen in years. But, I know the truth…
The Ghost is real…
He is my friend.

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