X is a magical letter.

Posted: June 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

When it came time to name the generations, we got a letter…
Generation X…
We are the generation raised on Tang, Wonder Bread and Count Chocula.
That seems to have us given magical powers.
We seem to possess a special magic that has helped us, in our time on planet earth, see the unbelievable.
We are the wizards who have witnessed unimaginable change.
We grew up with Mr. Rogers AND the Cookie Monster. One taught us the magic of kindness, before we realized that the world was a scary place. One taught us the magic of sugary gluten, before we realized that we were probably allergic to it.
We were the original latch key kids. We survived big hair, Hammer pants, and Cabbage Patch Kids.
We saw the cutting edge video gameness of Pong evolve into the greatness of Frogger, Pac-man, and Galaga and way beyond. Magic only cost a quarter!
We ate Pop Rocks and Rocket Pops. We drank New Coke,Fresca and Tab.
We used plastic rotary dial phones to call on “party lines”. Then, it happened! We saw the first cell phones! They were as big as a loaf of bread, and people actually made phone calls with them!! There were no apps or texting, we’ve seen that all happen in our generation. We watched our phones get smart. They now contain more information than our public libraries…Strange cellular magic!!
We remember when social media meant a friendly newspaper reporter.
We saw video kill the radio star. We were there experiencing the magic of MTV when it actually played music videos!! We knew Madonna before she had a British accent. We knew John Mellencamp when he was a Cougar. We’ve seen some stereophonic stuff! We watched albums become 8 tracks, then cassettes, CDs and downloads! We watched the magical morphing of music. We remember Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Joey Ramone, Whitney, David Bowie and Prince when they were prime. They have left the dance floor, but we still hear the beat because it’s magic.
We remember life before the internet. We had to copy reports straight from the encyclopedia on college ruled notebook paper, we somehow managed to get through school without google…magic!!
We remember the moonwalk, and the Space Shuttle explosion, and Casey Kasem telling us to keep reaching for the stars.
We remember theaters with TWO screens! We remember John Hughes movies. We remember seeing Star Wars for the first time and how it changed everything. We have witnessed that galaxy explode in story. Magical, it is!
During our time on this globe we have experienced both Herbie the love bug AND Hamilton the musical. How lucky we are to be alive right now!!
We have witnessed three TV channels and foil covered rabbit ears become five hundred channels of entertainment, sports, and news choices in high definition. And, you usually still can’t find anything good to watch.
We didn’t wear seat belts and we drank water out of garden hoses. We survived…magic!! We have seen airbags and bottled water come into being.
We have lost people we love to bullies like cancer and AIDS. We carry the magic of memory, it makes us stronger.
We carry a strong Gen X magic with us into the second half of our lifetimes. We aren’t afraid.
We have seen, heard, tasted, experienced, hurt, laughed, cried, and danced.
These are all very essential ingredients to the magic of real everyday life.
Everyday magic is made by surviving, and sharing our stories.
It’s a strange magic.
It’s amazing Gen X magic!


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