Get an ungrip.

Posted: June 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Get an ungrip.
Live with your hands open.
We try our hardest to keep a tight grip on life, situations and other people, but it always backfires!
We try to control and manipulate.
We get a grip.
We are determined to put people, circumstances, and things in what we perceive to be their place.
We try to take care of every detail and we hold on so tight that we aren’t able to grasp the things that really matter.
Maybe it’s time to get an ungrip.
We should get a pretty strong clue from the Creator who chose NOT to be a control freak. Instead, he gave his creation free will.
That lead to failure, and really bad choices.
It also led to unforced love and choices that really matter.
You CAN build something BIG while holding onto everything. You can pound with your closed fist and build big, impressive things, BUT, you will never build anything deep.
Deep requires you to relinquish control and hang out in the places where you can’t reach. It demands that you let go and go with the uncontrollable.
You can’t receive with a closed fist, you can only hold or punch.
We end up punching ourselves in the soul when we live with a closed fist. When we hold on too tightly to people, position, or process, we inadvertently tighten our grip on other things too.
We hold onto pride, self righteousness, hurt, anger, unforgiveness, offense.
We have to let go.
God can’t put anything into a closed fist. Our hands have to be open to receive from him. We have to be out of control, we have to let go, trust, give up. Relinquish control, live with your hands wide open so that you are able to receive.
Life and people were really never meant to be controlled.
It just leads to frustration.
You can let go or get dragged.
Get an ungrip.


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