Posted: June 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

My seven week old granddaughter eats one thing now…formula.
Every meal is the same…a lovely little cocktail of purified water and miracle baby growing powder, shaken, not stirred.
I’ve tasted it, and honestly, it’s not very tasty. It’s bland. But it’s what she needs at this time in her life.
So, she consumes the same basic thing again and again, every two or three hours.
It’s a good thing that she doesn’t know any better, she hasn’t tasted anything else.
But she will!!!
I CAN NOT wait to introduce her to tacos, corn dogs, pizza, Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream, butterscotch lifesavers, black jelly beans, and macaroni and cheese from a blue box.
But, for now she can’t handle that stuff. She is on a strict formula diet. It’s what she needs to grow and become.

Sometimes, life seems like formula. We need to be reminded of basic.
Some spaces and seasons are formula. Some days, or years, or places seem so boring.
May I suggest that sometimes that is a completely healthy thing.
Some places are all about us getting the same miracle growing powder AGAIN, because, apparently, we need it.
Those times are more function than flavor, more about formula than flash! It’s all about growing and becoming.
Most of the time, we need remembrance more than revelation.
We can’t quite handle what’s next yet. We need time to grow into our next chapter.
The bad thing is that we have tasted the different. So we get impatient. We want to revisit the flavors of the past, when our Maker is preparing flavors beyond what we can imagine for our future.
I will be honest, I don’t like formula, I like flavor.
But sometimes I need formula more than flavor.
I have to be patient.

Grow where you are today.
It can all build you.
Embrace it all, the bland and the buffet!
It can ALL contribute to your growing.





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