Soul Sandwich.

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized


I love a good sandwich.
I think the secret to a good sandwich is in the ingredients. I want a lot of meat, cheese, tomatoes, pickles, chopped lettuce and mayonnaise.
And I want salt and pepper sprinkled on top.
I’m a fan of lots of flavor.
The problem is that you can’t really just eat a big handful of salami and provolone.
Things will get messy!
You need something to hold it all together.
You need bread.
It’s true of lunch, it’s true of life…

Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life”. (John 6:35)

So chew on this, MAYBE, just maybe when Jesus said “I am the bread of life”, one thing he meant was life is like a big sandwich.
There are so many ingredients. You have a lot going on! There is family, work, school, relationships, medical problems, mortgages, student loans, unexpected hurdles, it can get pretty crazy!
In the sandwich shop of life we all have the lettuce of love, pastrami of pain, and mustard of the mundane.
It can get messy!
You really need something to hold it all together!
You need bread!!
Jesus is the bread of life.
He can hold the sandwich of your crazy life together.
Too often we throw all the messy ingredients of our life on the table. And then we think we can get a grip on all of our stuff by ourselves.
We put ourselves on a spiritual gluten free diet.
That’s a lot of Bologna!
We need bread.
Bread holds everything together.
Jesus is the bread of life.
Life is a sandwich.
So, go ahead, live a big interesting life full of flavor.
But, wrap it all up in Christ.
He is the ultimate sandwich artist!

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