The Day the BIG Trucks took over…

Posted: May 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Nobody is sure of the day or the hour when the BIG trucks came to town. They came storming in, clouded in a fog of gas fumes.
Once upon a time, the BIG trucks were a practical matter, driven only by ranchers, farmers and construction workers. But now, it seems like that 90% of vehicles on the road are BIG trucks.
They are everywhere.
Why are there so many of them?
What is the secret message of the BIG trucks?Are they about status, statement, or security? Are they about competition or convenience?
They are hardly harmless.
They often take up two parking spots.
Their size intimidates lesser vehicles, driving the compacts and hybrids off the road.
It’s personal for me.
They tailgate me with their BIG grills, completely clean mud flaps, and gigantic bumpers, it makes me twitch with freeway fear.
It gives me road rash.
Because, you see, there’s more to this story.
A BIG truck once murdered my beloved small car. It was brutal and unprovoked.
Maybe that’s why I’m a little angry.
Or maybe I’m just bitter since I can’t reach the pedals on a BIG truck.
All I know is that things changed the day the BIG trucks came to town.
We all got a little smaller.
If I need to move some stuff, guess who I’m going to call.

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