Posted: February 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

In my life I’ve been a partaker of the unexplainable.
I’ve seen the sacred and the strange.
I’ve witnessed the marvelous and the miracle.
I have tasted the undeniable, uncontrollable, unexplainable REAL.
It’s broken out in the unlikeliest places and I liked it.
I’ve seen blind eyes see with my one good eye.
I’ve watched lame feet dance to a brand new rhythm.
I’ve heard the mute speak in tongues.
I’ve walked into Holy fire that consumes and brings beauty from ashes.
I’ve fallen prostrate in a place of tangible mystery where awe takes its rightful place, a place that no words can adequately capture. It is a field that can never be fenced, but I can run and frolic to my hearts content.
I’ve seen a place of wonder where Spirit becomes both noun and verb.
It has left me with a perpetual hunger for more, a craving for the things of the Spirit that cannot be denied, controlled, or explained.
I long, with the deepest part of me…
To be Spirit stained…
To be Spirit saturated.
I close my eyes, hold my breath and I trust fall into strong arms that I can’t see…
Holy Spirit, I like you.
Can you come out and play today?
Can we get into some holy mischief?
Can we do something…

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