The Legend of Sas-squash.

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Uncategorized


Out of the deep woods of our everyday life, it lumbers…Sas-squash!
We are camping out in our routine and then SUDDENLY we hear…CRACK…a branch breaks underfoot of the Bigfoot. We see the shadowy figure and we know nothing will ever be the same.
It’s Sas-squash!!
There can be times when we all have that presence lurking in our life. We wish that it was a hoax, but sadly it’s a big hairy reality. It could be foe or family. Maybe, it’s that person looking over your shoulder waiting to catch you messing up. It’s the one rubbing your past in your face. It’s the one who takes the credit or who pulls out the rug. It’s the one building their self esteem at the expense of yours.
It’s the squasher of hopes and dreams…
it’s Sas-squash.
Sometimes folklore sadly becomes real life, in our cubicles and classrooms, our living rooms and office meetings.
Sas-squashes crush our dreams and hopes. They squash our enthusiasm. They squash the momentum right out of the moment. They suck the air out of the room. Their goal seems to be to leave us flat. They repeatedly sucker punch our souls. They load unbearable amounts of stress upon us.
It’s frightening, We feel their big hairy feet on our neck, holding us down, holding us back.
What can we do? How can we be bigger than Bigfoot? How can we be stronger than the squash?
We REMIND ourselves who we are. Don’t let others press you into a mold. Be yourself, use your unique gifts, sing your song, fly your flag.
We need to REMIND ourselves that we are loved by the people closest to us, AND by the all powerful ONE who made us.
We allow those remembrances to solidify like cement on the inside of us. What is inside becomes stronger than the external forces. We respond with love, we respond with forgiveness. We trust in the ONE who makes strong.
We use these things like flashlights in the dark woods.
Light exposes the lurkers.
It might take a while, but light wins.
The light of truth.
The light of love.
It sends Sas-squash running.
He awkwardly runs away on his big hairy feet.
Light wins.

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