SNOW day, SLOW day, SHOW day.

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

It snowed over six inches at our house this weekend . Snow days are REALLY inconvenient. They totally interfere with our life. They mess with our plans, we have things we HAVE to do. We have to take care of business, snow days get in the way of that.
Maybe, that’s the point!
Maybe, just maybe, when we get a snow day, God wants it to interfere with our routine.
Maybe, the Scriptor of seasons wants us to take a SLOW day, maybe the Creator wants to give us a SHOW day.
Maybe, God wants us to SLOW down…rest, listen, pay attention, and play.
Maybe, God wants to SHOW us a beautiful object lesson…freshly fallen art, the power of pure covering the grit of the neighborhood.
Maybe, It’s a good time to SLOW down and let our kids SHOW us how to play…make some snow angels, turn some cardboard into a sled, throw snowballs at each other’s face, that is fun for the whole family! But if you’re too busy, you miss it!
Maybe, a SNOW day is a real good time to SLOW down, breathe, read or SHOW our family some love by reconnecting over some steaming hot cocoa (sorry, but I think it has to be the kind with the miniature marshmallows!!)
Maybe, it’s a perfect opportunity to cancel our plans and turn a SNOW day into a SLOW day that can become a pretty amazing SHOW day.
Now, excuse me, I’ve got to find some of those miniature marshmallows.

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