The totally fabricated true story of the REAL little drummer boy.

Posted: December 11, 2016 in Uncategorized


Many people think the little drummer boy was a slightly creepy stop action animated boy with abnormally skinny arms, a big freaky head and an anger problem. BUT, that’s not the whole fabricated truth. The REAL little drummer boy was actually born in 1968 in Abilene, Texas. His name was Clarence Eggnoggin. At an early age, Clarence got the nickname Ringo because he always left a red dirt ring in the bathtub, which was an unfortunate side effect to growing up in West Texas. The nickname stuck with him the rest of his life.

Most of his friends were from the wrong side of the tracks, he was a poor boy too.
Pa rum pum pum pum
Maybe because of his nickname he picked up some drumsticks at an early age, he showed some rhythm and skill. One year, for Christmas, his parents got him a beginner drum kit. They had bought it at a garage sale for 14 dollars. There was never a silent night in their house again. Ringo could never sit still. He was always clanging and banging something…pots and pans, desks, tabletops.
He became a drummer in the high school marching band. It was a sight to behold, because Ringo was little, he never grew over 5 feet. He also looked really young. Because of his embarrassing inability to grow any decent facial hair, he had a boyish appearance even well into his forties.
He was a little drummer boy.
Pa rum pum pum pum
But, He had big rock star dreams. He played a lot of honky tonks while working at Potter’s Feed Store. He learned every Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Jr and ZZ Top song he could. He spent his weekends playing at every seedy dive within driving distance with his band, the Tumbleweed Troubadours.
Then in 2011, his 2nd wife, Lucille, picked a fine time to leave him and their son, Aaron. He found himself at the end of himself. He turned to God. He prayed, “I’ll play my drum for you”.
Pa rum pum pum pum
Now you will find him every Sunday at the New Life Victory in Christ Gospel Tabernacle clanging and banging. There are usually only about 45 people there, some of them have lost their hearing, most have no rhythm. Ringo doesn’t care, he gives it all he’s got, he loves them, but, he’s not playing for the people. He plays just as hard for 45 as he would for 45,000, because he is really only playing for 1. He is playing his heart out for the King of everything.
His finest gift he brings.
Then he feels God smile.
Pa rum pum pum pum

Okay, here’s the deal, the truly true story is that the REAL little drummer boy (or girl) is simply anyone who brings the gift of who they are to the King of everything. They bow down and say “I’ll use my gift for you”.

And God smiles.
Pa rum pum pum pum


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