Geraldo the Red Faced Hibachi Chef.

Posted: December 5, 2016 in Uncategorized



(A true story)

Yesterday we went to the Sushi Shogun House of Fried Rice and Fun,
We were wanting to celebrate the birthday of an amazing loved one.
We’ve been there before, lots of times, it had always been great.
Once, It had even been the best grilled zucchini that we had ever ate.
But, this time was different, it wasn’t hardly the same.
We ordered and waited over an hour before the chef came.
We munched on wilted salad with watery dressing,
The unexplained absence of a chef really kept us guessing.
Then, FINALLY, a man slowly pushed the cart of raw meat out.
He grunted something as he distributed shrimp sauce all about.
With a big chef hat, He certainly looked the part,
We waited anxiously for the shogun show to start.
We were expecting him to roll an egg or flip a shrimp,
But unfortunately his presentation was quite limp.
We wanted some fun, but he did…well…NOTHING.
Not so much as even one flaming volcano onion ring.
There was no friendly banter or corny jokes,
Just the awkward sound of sizzling egg yokes.
He didn’t flip his spatula or skillfully spin his knife.
He almost spilled a pint of soy sauce on my wife.
He had the enthusiasm of a heavily medicated sloth,
I even feel asleep in my cold clear onion soup broth.
Chef Geraldo clearly had other places to be,
That became painfully obvious to the others and me.
Apathy as an appetizer is the worst.
It can cause the party to seem cursed.
You can just show up and just go through the motion,
Do your work totally lacking any passion or devotion.
You can cause all of the people around you to start snoring.
Because you have made the questionable choice to be boring.
Don’t do it! Choose joy, choose to go!
Start to be part of a bigger, better show.
No matter what you do, you should give a flip,
Have a fun journey and take others on the trip.
Give it your all, skillfully spin your knife.
Make the most of your one and only life!

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