I want to be a player.

Posted: September 25, 2016 in Uncategorized


I want to be a player.

People look at me funny when I say that.
I think It’s because the word Player now has negative connotations. It’s now used to describe a sketchy dude who uses and manipulates women. Let me be clear, THAT is NOT who I want to be.

I just want to play.
I want to let my imagination run loose and find new ways to amuse and amaze.

But, the word play has negative connotations, it’s silly and childlike and completely impractical. We are expected to grow out of play, we are told we need to be practical and responsible. We need to leave the childlike stuff in the sandbox, right?
Play has become the opposite of work. Players are obvious slackers, right?
But, hold on, wait a minute, can’t we work at play?

I just want to play.
But, play is not priority.
We even make it hard for people who are paid to play.
I’ve watched a few football games lately where PLAYers were penalized for unsportsmanlike behavior because of “excessive celebration” and “coordinated choreography”?!? Really?? When did playing with excitement become illegal?
People, Playing is not a crime.
You can still play in the USA.
Play is an attitude, it’s a way to take life with a grain of salt. It is mischief, it is mirth.
Many seem to think that fun makes you a flyweight. But, I think there is a profundity that is ONLY found in fun!
Play matters!
I believe that we are wired to wiggle, we are programmed to play. It has to do with how we were constructed. We came from the dirt, Maybe that’s why we feel at home on the playground. I believe in a God who is playful, He designed our bodies to make some pretty crazy noises and smells. He invented the platypus. Part of the original design was regular play dates in paradise with Adam and Eve. I think that is STILL His desire…play dates with His kids. I like that!!
So C’mon…Let’s play!

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