Summertime Hues.

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

As a kid, summer was a humid, magical, wonderful time.
School was out and the real learning had begun.
It was the time that our imaginations were in full bloom.
A small patch of trees could become a jungle.
A few rocks became a vast desert wilderness.
I remember the colors, smells and sounds that made up my summer…
I remember…
Staying outside ALL day long. We didn’t have video games or cable TV, so all the adventure to be found was outside.
We threw on our jean cutoffs. They weren’t called jorts back then. We weren’t that cool, they were just old pants that mom had unevenly cut off somewhere near the knee. As the summer wore on they would become mostly denim fringe.
We spent the summer barefooted, except for Sunday, then we begrudging put on our Chuck Taylor’s.
We rode bikes down red dirt roads looking for adventure. My bike had banana seats and Curley Q handlebars…sweetest ride EVER!
We built bike ramps in an endless quest to break our teeth out. I managed to get through childhood only breaking 2.
We ran through sprinklers with wild abandon. This was even more fun AFTER the lawn was just mowed, cause you got covered in wet clumpy grass clippings. Instant swamp thing!
We lived on Pop Ice freeze pops, they were the best!! Especially the orange and grape ones!! You could get a box of 400 for about 3 bucks, so they were the refreshing snack of choice in the Lang house.
No juice boxes for us, we drank our water straight out of the garden hose!
We picked homegrown tomatoes right off the vine and ate them like apples.
We once went to a backwoods cockfight, there was a rusty trash can on which the word “LOSERS” was sloppily painted.
We ran through muddy creeks and looked for crawdads.
We baled hay in cool of the night. My muscles never hurt so much and my sinuses exploded, but I was working alongside my dad so complaining wasn’t an option.
We caught lightning bugs (natures little glow sticks) and put them in a jar. Sometimes in our crueler moments, we tore off the little lightning bug butts and stuck them to our faces.
We ate tons….literally tons of watermelon. The juice would run down your face. And then you spit the seeds at each other.
We would work odd jobs and cash in pop bottles just to save up our money to buy fireworks (black cats, bottle rockets and smoke bombs). We would blow up our entire summer savings in about 7 minutes.
And then the lazy days would catch up with you.
Summer always seemed like a song that ended too soon.

I remember the hues of summer. The hazy shades that have colored my life.

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