Otis Porkmeyer

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Otis Porkmeyer was the man
who couldn’t laugh or smile.
Grumpiness and despair
were Porkmeyer’s daily style.

Everybody wondered why.
Did he swallow something sour?
Were his boxers way too tight?
Or he never took a shower?

Did he really dislike fun?
What a party pooper!
What on earth could it be
that put Otis in this stupor?

Somewhere, somehow it must just be
imagination died.
He had forgotten how to dream.
He’d become all dignified.

He once would giggle; he loved to wiggle.
He’d shout and run and play.
But then they said to hush, sit still.
“Don’t do that. You must stay!”

They told him one too many times
that he was good for nothing.
He never knew or realized
we’re custom-made for something!

They told him he should be concerned
with just reality.
Be practical, conform, and then
avoid unconventionality.

Otis listened to those voices.
He let them all affect his choices.
He believed what the masses said,
and gradually his dreams were dead.

So now he lives with zero hope,
and only leaves his room for soap.
He’s learned a life without a dream
is like brussels sprout ice cream.

So, my friend, don’t be a Porkmeyer.
Hang with people who encourage and inspire!
Avoid dream killers and hope stealers,
the negative, and sorrow dealers.

Don’t use words like wouldn’t, couldn’t,
never, cannot, will not, shouldn’t.
Find the ones who spread the good.
Use such words as would, could, should!

Remember always to dream and hope
and take much time to play.
Be sure to laugh and wiggle and giggle
a little bit each day!

(Excerpt From: Lang, Luke. “I AM Standing Up.” Zondervan. iBooks.)

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