who AREN’T you?

Posted: April 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

A while back my world was rocked.
I found out that I wasn’t who I thought I was.

I grew up hearing stories that I was Native American. I took great pride in that. It gave me a story to tell. I had an actual heritage.
We all look to be part of a significant story.
I was an Indian and that was awesome!
Whenever anyone spoke of Native American things, I stood (a little) taller. They were speaking of my people. I studied Native American culture, after all that was my history.

When I grew up I told the story to my daughter. I told her who she was.
I even made up elaborate bedtime stories to hang our history on.
I told her stories about her great, great grandmother, whose name was Running Water. She was married to Bottled Water. They had children named Distilled Water and Tap Water.
I know, it was sad. But, it let Delanie know who she was, or so I thought…

It is always good to know who you are, unless you don’t.
My Wife, Diana, knew about my strong interest in my heritage. So, she got me a DNA test for Christmas.
I was excited! I spit in a little plastic vial and sent it off to a lab. And then i waited and waited and waited…for months.
As I waited, my imagination ran wild (it tends to do that!)
Would the tests show that I was a full blooded Cherokee chieftain as I had suspected and hoped?
And IF SO…
Was I eligible for casino money?
Was I a direct descendant of someone famous?
Were there skeletons in my closet? MAN! I hoped so!! I wanted something more interesting than: “well, you are a white dude.”
I finally got the results back and I learned that I was who I thought I was.
I’m 97.1% Northwestern European, with 50.5% of that being Irish/British.
I did found out that I’m 0.4% Ashkenazi Jew, so that is pretty exciting.
So I’m 0% Native American…I’m not from around here!
I’m not who I was told I was.
I wanted to be genetic Chex mix, but I found out that I’m the genetic equivalent of vanilla wafers.

We often find we aren’t who we thought we were.

I grew up thinking I was something I wasn’t because that’s what people told me.
Then I turned around and told my daughter the same.
We do that in other ways too, ways that limit.
We grow up believing certain things about ourselves because that is what we have been told.
You aren’t enough.
You can never do that.
You are just like your _______.(fill in the blank with the closest relative who never amounted to anything).
You will screw this up, you always do.
Other people try to tell us who we are.
We grow up thinking that is who we are.
Maybe it’s time to have your world rocked by learning that you aren’t who you thought you were!
You got to stop and check the DNA.
Don’t let anyone who didn’t create you define you.

What are you built of?
Turns out, it isn’t earthly stuff.
You are uncontainable and otherworldly.
You are made of uniquely molded miracle.
You are Inheritor of the infinite.
There is royalty in you.
You are loved, you always have been.
You are a chosen people, royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession.
You’ve been called you out of suffocating darkness into liberating light.
You are adopted and accepted, rescued and restored.

Brace yourself, You might not be who you thought you were!

You have the DNA of heaven in you.
Check your DNA with the One who made you.
It might just rock your world.

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