Did Jesus laugh?

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Bible tells us that “Jesus wept”.
But nowhere does it say “Jesus laughed”.
It seems like he was a pretty serious dude, right? I mean, he went around turning tables over and being all sacred.
When we were the pastors of a really small church in Dallas, I was approached by a well intentioned, angry man. He was very upset and offended because I was trying to make church fun. He informed me that Jesus was a man of constant sorrows and we should reflect his constant sorrow.
It’s sad that many think following Jesus should be sad.
Over the years I’ve been sternly rebuked by a lot of very serious people who feel like faith should never be fun.
I, on the hand, think it a gross sacrilege if faith isn’t fun.
God created laughter. It is medicine, it brings healing, it brings life.
Jesus was the type of messiah that got invited to parties. Only fun people get invited to parties!! On at least one occasion, he kept the party going.
His closest friends were burly misfits. The kind of men who likely found bodily functions hilarious. “Hey Jesus, pull my finger!!” Jesus spent three years with these guys and they followed him wherever he went.
Children liked Jesus. They wanted to hang out with him, kids don’t like to hang out with jerks. Kids are predisposed to fun.
Jesus said things about squeezing camels through the eyes of needles and people with planks in their eyes. That is some funny stuff!
When the Creator designed us, He engineered our bodies to make some pretty…ummm…interesting sounds and odors. Maybe…just maybe, that’s meant to be a built in reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.
He has created so many things that should unleash wonder, joy and giggles.
Things that should help us get over ourselves.
We are surrounded by things that should make us smile…
The duck billed Platypus…
Kiwi fruit…
Four year old humans…
Ear hair…
Bubble wrap.
I really don’t think God would give us so many reasons to laugh if he didn’t want us to actually laugh!
The gift of laughter, when handled correctly, is a pure form of worship.
I think there is a special kind of sacred that is only released by silliness.
The joy of the Lord is our strength.
The world is a sad place.
There is sorrow.
But joy is a superpower that helps us get through the sadness.
It’s a joy that we can’t manufacture or fake.
It is the joy OF THE Lord.
He is the source of tangible joy.
OUR joy is on loan from HIM.
God is the manufacturer of pure merriment.
I think Jesus laughed, I think he still does.
I want to do things everyday that make Jesus laugh out loud.
He amazes me, I want to amuse him.
I want to live with the laughter of heaven buzzing through my soul.

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