How to be a better human in three uneasy steps.

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

How to be a better human in three uneasy steps:

1. Live with honesty.
2. Live with humor.
3. Live with heart.

Live with Honesty…
WHAT? Wait a minute, You’re not perfect? WHEW! Me either!
The sooner we admit that the better.
Our refusal to just be honest about who we are is honestly killing us.
There is no normal.
There are just different shades of interesting.
We are all a little crazy.
We are all beautifully weird in our different ways.
Perfection is a facade, it’s a lie.
We need to value authenticity over appearance.
We all fall, we all fail.
We are blemished, we are broke.
The first baby step toward becoming a better human is to admit that you are, in fact, a human.
There is a tangible hope that is only reserved for the human.
There is a perfect hope that grows out of being honest about our imperfections.

Live with Humor…
Why so serious?
There is healing in learning to laugh at ourselves. It is a great medicine!
Do something everyday to crack yourself up.
A really fun part of being human is the tendency to say and do goofy stuff, embrace that, enjoy it!
Smile at self.
I don’t think it’s accidental that your body makes giggle inducing noises and smells, go with it!
Choose silliness over cynicism.
Get over yourself.
Look for the fun all around you.
There are so many things designed to make you snicker…
Llamas, linguine and looney tunes!
Look for the laugh.
Laughter is life giving.
The ability to find humor in the midst of hardship is one of the greatest gifts ever.
Make it a life goal to die with a face full of laugh lines.
Don’t take life so seriously!

Live with Heart…
An ingrown life never goes anywhere.
One of the earliest (and hardest) lessons we learn is to share.
We need to remember that!
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t be rude.
Treat other people like you want to be treated.
Treat strangers like friends.
Treat friends like family.
Don’t be a bully.
We’ve already established the fact that you aren’t perfect, maybe you shouldn’t expect others to be perfect either.
Give grace.
Look for crazy ways to make life better for others.
Unleash a little kindness every chance you get.
Throw it around like confetti.
Give it away like its free.
Make compassion your passion.

We’ve treated being a human like it was all about biology. But, maybe it’s more art than science.
An uneasy art that is a chaotic collage of honesty, humor and heart.

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