No excessive noise at any time.

Posted: February 9, 2016 in Uncategorized



I’m a LOUD dude.
I really can’t do anything quiet.
It’s how I’m wired.
That really bugs some people.
I’ve been hushed all of my life.
I figured out pretty early that there are people who try to turn life into a library.
They are self appointed noise monitors, their favorite word is “SHHHHH!!”
Hush is a weapon and volume is the victim.
I’ve been told…
Keep quiet…
get in line…
settle down…
Curb your enthusiasm.
But the problem is that sometimes,
you just gotta get LOUD.
Sometimes, you gotta get a little wild.
Excitement was never meant to be contained.
Joy was never meant to be controlled.
But the noise police don’t like that.
They declare a need for decorum.
They shout “Turn it down!!” (Irony at it’s loudest!)
The decibel deputies strut around with a need to judge joy and shut down sound.
The problem is we are created with passion.
And passion is rarely dignified.
We get LOUD about the things we love.
things like faith, family, food, friends or football.
Passion, by definition, must be proclaimed.
The noise police make sure things aren’t getting undignified.
But, when we spend all our time trying to control the volume of others, we lose our own voice.
We get LOUD about the things we love.
It’s important to acknowledge that LOUD looks different for all of us.
We all make our own kind of noise.
Personality paints passion.
We all have our unique expression of exclamation.
But, the point is that we got to give and have the freedom to express.
Be yourself OUT LOUD!
LOUD living is simply perfecting the art of being yourself.
It’s finding your voice, rather than stealing or snuffing someone else’s.
Love is kind, but it’s seldom tidy.
It’s LOUD!

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