Posted: January 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

With the Panthers going to the BIG game, I hear a lot of talk about bandwagons.
People are upset with the sudden supporters and Instant fans.
Evidently, fandom is color coded and the true blue fans are upset that there are green fans. (by the way, I actually have a Panther tattoo, does that make me a violet fan?)
It made me think…
Why wouldn’t you jump on a bandwagon?
It’s a lot more fun than a runaway train!
What is a bandwagon anyway?
I looked it up, a bandwagon is “a usually ornate wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus parade”.
What’s not to love about that!!
Why wouldn’t you jump on a bandwagon?
The music is always better on a bandwagon!
There is color, there is confetti!
It’s fun, it’s exciting.
There’s usually a guy with a tuba…A TUBA!!
you never know what is going to happen!
It’s a party in motion, a good time that is going somewhere.
You get the best view of the parade!
Why wouldn’t we want to be a part of that!!
Why would we keep others from experiencing that?
Why wouldn’t we want everybody to hop on board?
When you act like you own the parade, it kills the party.
If you REALLY believe in a team or cause wouldn’t you want as many people as possible in the parade.
We have to be more concerned with invitation than initiation.
We lose a little control, but it IS a circus, right?
C’mon people!!
Join the parade!
Jump on board the bandwagon!!

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