Emerald City.

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

We are all looking for the emerald city.
A shiny place where the grass is always greener.
A safe place where a well placed bucket of water can destroy our greatest foe.
A showy place where we have no problems because we are popular.

But, The curtain crashes down
And we realize that we’ve been lied to.
We realize that the yellow brick road is cheap spray paint.
We realize that self-manufactured, earthy wizards aren’t really wonderful at all.
It’s all a scam propped up to distract our munchkin minds.
We wrestle with wicked.
We struggle to shake off the flying monkeys that would carry us away.
We think that good will be good enough.
We feverishly click our heels together and we hunger for home.
But we need more than good.

We need a heart that has been made new,
We need a brain that chooses to believe the truth,
And, we need the courage to confess that we are lost in a strange land.
(A little dog to keep us company also doesn’t hurt.)

There’s no place like home!
We realize that when good proves vain and turns brown, grace is the richest shade of green.
Grace is the only thing that can carry us home like a hot air balloon.
The grace of a good King, rather than a cranky wizard.

Love helps us defy gravity,
Because everyone deserves a chance to fly.

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