What I’ve remembered since I forgot myself.

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Self consciousness is a thief of childhood joy.
It squeezes a lot of silliness right out of our souls.
We start worrying more about what people think about us than about just enjoying the gift of life.
We lose our grip on play because we try to grab prestige and position.
We compare ourselves.
We worry if we measure up.
We lose the important things that we know when we are kids.
We get busy climbing up ladders and we forget the slide.

But it’s never too late to remember the early life lessons.
One really great thing about getting older is the opportunity to remember what you used to know.
You should get to the point when you can FINALLY accept you!
Life becomes fun again when you finally have nothing to prove.

You should come to the end of your self and start prioritizing the things that matter AGAIN. You get to REMEMBER!

Here are some things that I have remembered:

Use ALL of the colors in the crayon box, and don’t worry about staying inside the lines.
Turn rain puddles into dance floors!
Farts are always funny.
My feet don’t match, why should my socks?
Sometimes you got to stop and taste the paste.
Skipping is always better than walking.
Sometimes your dog is the only one who understands.
Anything (macaroni, beans, tissues, etc.) can become priceless art.
If you are wrong, admit it.
If you are lost, ask for help.
The greatest football games EVER have taken place in front yards.
Tropical punch Kool-Aid is AWESOME!
You can organize the fun right out of play, just go with it!
You can usually find interesting things on red dirt roads.
Nostrils are finger sized for a reason!
You should read something for fun everyday.
You should only eat jello with your hands.
Lightning bugs are one of God’s coolest inventions.
Never pass up the chance to lick the mixing bowl.
You can talk to Jesus anytime and anywhere.
Never let the fact that you can’t play an instrument keep you from joining the band.
A lot of hurts can be healed with tomato soup and a hug from your mom.
Say “I love you” a lot.
Leave your mark. Carve your initials in a tree, leave your handprint in wet cement. Let people know you were here.
If you are going to climb a ladder, make sure there is a slide on the other side.

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