When the saints go limping in.

Posted: January 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

When the saints go marching in?
We march in with our achievements, accolades and appearance.
But, they are not enough.
No matter what we have or haven’t done we are united in our not-enoughness.
Our efforts will never earn us a place at the table.
No one gets in alone, we have to be carried across the threshold like a bride.
We lean into the strong arms of love, trusting and surrendering.
We walk with a limp, fully aware of our brokenness, fully propped up by grace.
Only grace.
Our good is never good enough.
Grace…only grace makes us enough.
Rather than March, Saints marvel.
They marvel at the wonder of a love stronger than death.
Gratitude is our response.
No chest pumping or finger pointing.
Only gratitude.
We dance with a limp.
Lost in the fact that we are no longer lost.
When the Saints go limping in,
O Lord, I want to be in your arms.
Forever grateful for your gift of enough.

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