The evil Dr. Do More.

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

He comes in the shadows of our everyday life…
Intent on filling our days with constant activity.
He is cloaked in a static veil of all the best intentions and good work ethics…
He is a subtle villain who steals our time and leaves us with regret at the end of our journey.
He is Dr. Do More.
He is the killer of sabbaths.
He is the deceptive destroyer of family time.
He is the purveyor of the perpetual.
His accusations pound our soul…
What you’re doing is not enough.
step up to the plate.
They can’t do it without you.
Do it for the team.
Get back to work.
You need one more big event to be successful.
You can find your worth in your work.
Climb that ladder and fill that calendar.
Prove yourself.
Do More!!
Don’t listen to him, he is a liar.
You are enough!
You are successful when you are being who you were created to be, and doing what grows out of that.
You can do something, but you CAN’T do it all and you were never meant to.
Find that thing that you can’t NOT do and hold onto it.
Let the things that ANYbody can do drop to the ground.
Take time back and take the time to really enjoy life with the people IN your life.
Stop and notice.
kick off your shoes and dance.
Laugh and love.
Rest and rebuild.
Be the absolute best YOU ever, because you aren’t going to happen again.
Dr. Do More is silenced by the everlasting BE More.

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