Posted: December 15, 2014 in fizzy faith

a crazy little thought…want grace? give grace.
Luke 6:37 & 38 says: “if you don’t want to be judged, don’t judge. If you don’t want to be condemned, don’t condemn. If you want to be forgiven, forgive. Don’t hold back—give freely, and you’ll have plenty poured back into your lap—a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, brimming over. You’ll receive in the same measure you give.”
I’ve heard a lot of preachers quote verse 38 when they are about to take up an offering. They make it all about money, if you want money, give money. Give to get. BUT WAIT…it finally dawned on me this morning, after reading this for the 2,458th time ( I’m a slow learner), the preceding verse (37) is all about judging others & forgiveness. It’s got nothing to do with money! WHAAAA??? It’s about how we dish out our forgiveness. Don’t hold back on your mercy. DON’T BE STINGY IN MATTERS OF GRACE. you can create a great big grace flood, it will overtake you & be poured into your lap. On the other hand, if you judge others you get a big steaming lap full of judgement. GIVE GRACE! As RECIPIENTS of great grace, we should be RECYCLERS of great grace. It really IS all about GIVE to GET, but it’s about giving grace and forgiveness. When you choose to pour mercy into the life of others it get dumped on you, that’s worth more than money!
Let mercy rain!!!

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