Street preaching for dummies.

Posted: December 13, 2014 in fizzy faith
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a while back, we went to the race. I was excited! I love NASCAR. I love being at the race. there’s really nothing like a live race, it’s a special flavor of fun. We had just arrived, parked about 12 miles from the track and We were walking into the redneck promise land. We were swept up in a big beautifully imperfect wave of humanity, lots of interesting sights, sounds and smells. there was a crazy sense of community as people bragged about their driver and talked a little smack about other drivers. I’m a Kyle Busch fan so I always attract a lot of unsolicited advice and gestures. It’s all good fun.

But then…
I heard the voice…
The voice of one screaming at the speedway.
He was a sweaty, angry man with a big megaphone and a message for Y’ALL. He was wearing one of those Christian knock off t-shirts designed to look like a biker shirt. It had a bedazzled cross on it. He didn’t seem to have a central message, He was just preaching against anybody and anything that caught his attention…rock and roll, alcohol, tattoos, scantily clad women, the government, etc. etc.
He was right next to an intersection where people had to stop and listen to his rant.
As I stood there something made me feel a little nauseous and it wasn’t the fragrance of the fried food.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against street preaching…
The truth is I think We are all called to be street preachers. but before you grab your megaphone, I think there might be a better way.

In the gospel of Luke, Jesus told a great story comparing the Kingdom of God to a party and he begins to wrap it up by saying: “And the host said, “Well then, go out to the highways and hedges and bring in the complete strangers you find there, until my house is completely full.” (Luke 14:23 – the voice) We are told to go out and invite people to be a part of the party.

Instead of putting people in their place, We need to let people know that there is a place for them.

Here are some random thoughts about street preaching…

Serve instead of shout.
Let love be the loudest thing in your life.
Listen more than you talk, you can learn how people are hurting and offer them a cure.
Earn the right to be heard.
Don’t be a jerk. I don’t see Jesus ever being a jerk. The only one who never sinned was the least judgmental person ever.
Don’t be so angry, don’t take yourself so seriously. People are attracted to joy.
Tell stories of hope.
Remember, the Gospel means “Good news”. Jesus compared the Kingdom to a party, not a tax audit.

There’s a time for uncomfort that will lead to life change, but the Holy Spirit is so much better at orchestrating that than we are.

Realize who you are representing…the Creator. His amazing creativity is constantly on display in the beautiful diversity of humanity. It’s not about making people conform and look like us. People are different from you…that’s by divine design…get over it.

Our job is simply introducing people to our best friend and inviting them to His party.

Don’t call people names…lift up THE name that has the power to save and heal…Jesus.

Let’s go into the highways and hedges and make some friends.

Hit the streets, but leave the anger and the megaphone at home.

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