are you ENOUGH?

Posted: December 10, 2014 in fizzy faith

Growing up my dad and me had a weird relationship.

He never told me that he loved me, but I kinda knew in my gut that he did.

But there was something that always made me feel like I wasn’t enough.

We were completely different.

That made it tough for him to relate to me, he wanted me to be like him. I wanted to be myself.

He wanted me to be athletic…mechanical…outdoorsy.

I wanted to read and draw and daydream.

so honestly, I grew up felling like I was never ENOUGH.

I think we all wrestle with that at some point.

Am I okay?

Am I important?

Am I making a difference?


We think we lack.

it’s not a new emotion, in the Old Testament, Moses wrestled with it (despite the fact that evidently he looked a lot like Christian Bale). He is standing and staring into a talking, burning bush spouting out words of “notENOUGHness”…

Moses: “not me God…I’m scared…weak…poor…stupid…ugly…unqualified.”

God: “you are enough…you are equipped…I AM with you!”

STOP…REWIND…carefully read God’s words, because they contain the secret to ENOUGHness.

We look at a lot of different things to see if we are ENOUGH…

Other people…relationships…achievements…likes on Instagram…possessions…position… bank accounts.

but, here is the hard cold truth about ENOUGH…

If it’s about other people, we will never be ENOUGH. Someone is always MORE…bigger…better.

If it’s about me, I’m not ENOUGH…by myself; I don’t have what it takes.

But, wait…if I’m a follower and friend of Jesus, the Bible says the Holy Spirit lives in me. I’m a home for the holy.

on my own, I’m not ENOUGH…compared to others, I’m not ENOUGH.

BUT, if it’s all about the one living in me, than I am ENOUGH.

God is ENOUGH…there is nothing more than him.

I’m ENOUGH, because HE is ENOUGH and HE lives in me.

if HE lives in you, then KNOW, in your gut, that you are ENOUGH, because HE is ENOUGH.

Know that you are a child of the one true God.

His love is the most powerful force in the entire universe. His love is in you and it flows through you.

HIS love is always MORE…

it is constantly ENOUGH.

On the days that you do not feel that you’re ENOUGH; know that nothing can separate you from the love of God. That love casts out fear. You are always covered in his love.

You are ENOUGH, because HE is ENOUGH and HE lives in you.

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