Cue the dancing stormtroopers.

Posted: November 25, 2014 in fizzy faith
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I’m wearing one of my favorite t shirts today.

It’s got a picture of stormtroopers dancing on a checker board floor under a mirrored ball.

I love this shirt because it combines my love for Star Wars and disco.

yes my friends, I said it…I love disco, I love the nightlife, I like to boogie on the disco floor. Don’t hate, when you should be dancing.

My happy little shirt does make me wonder…why would stormtroopers dance? They aren’t very nice guys, and guilty feet have got no rhythm, right?

Maybe…just maybe…these are renaissance stormtroopers, they would rather dance than destroy.

Maybe it’s a matter of not allowing their past actions and associations dictate their groove.

It’s a reminder to me, that life was designed to be more of a dance than a drudgery.

But the problem is some of us have lost the beat… We stopped dancing years ago… We lost the groove… We stand on the fringes, leaning against the wall, watching others dance. We hear the music but it just doesn’t move us like, perhaps, it once did.

What keeps us off the dance floor?

For some of us, it’s all about our carefully crafted reputation. we don’t want to take any risks. We are too cool for that. We are dignified. We are practical. We are entirely too grown up for that nonsense!

We don’t want to risk. but the dance of life, at its core, is a big risk.

The only safety dance is to avoid the dance floor all together. That eliminates all the risk, it also eliminates all the fun and adventure.

Sometimes we allow things to steal our groove.

We have danced a few forbidden dances and we think that has disqualified us to be on the dance floor. Don’t allow your past actions and associations to dictate your groove.

Clean off your dance shoes and get back out there.

Sometimes we think we couldn’t possibly dance because we haven’t mastered all the right moves. if we wait until we are perfect, we will miss the dance!

The truth is we all move a little differently (some more different than others).

We live in the land of a thousand dances, everybody has their own groove. It is the chaotic choreography of creativity.

Sometimes we’ve been dancing with the wrong partners.

We have to find the right partner…the Originator of rhythm and every other good thing , The Lord of the Dance. We need to let Him lead. He has given us the Spirit as our own personal dance instructor.

We need to learn to hear the right music. Sometimes we can’t dance because we’ve been listening to the wrong stuff. Some music was never meant to be danced to.

If something…anything has been stealing your groove, get rid of it! Shake it off!

Don’t be a wallflower when it comes to the big dance of life, hit the floor and bust a move.

Find YOUR groove and do a little happy dance.

Listen for the Spirit salsa…the rhythm is gonna getcha!

Cue the dancing stormtroopers.

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