Clowning around?

Posted: October 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Growing up we were afraid of a lot of things
We were scared of the dark, being alone, heights, the boogie man (I wonder what was so scary about the boogie man? Did it have to do with disco music or boogers?).
We feared expired milk, progress reports, zombies, sharks, Darth Vader, bee stings, giant mothball monsters (okay, maybe that last one was just me…)
We were scared of a lot of things!
But clowns?
Not clowns.
Clowns were funny.
A few people thought they were creepy, but for the most part, clowns were cool. They wore ridiculously large shoes and drove little bitty cars. They settled disputes with seltzer water and pie fights, what’s not to like about that? They had red noses that honk, just like that one crazy uncle of yours.
My grandparents would take us to the circus. I loved it all, but the clowns were my favorite. They dressed bright and colorful, they were masters of mischief. They made me happy.
Circus clowns were cool, but for my money, rodeo clowns were even cooler! They proved you could be a courageous comic. They risked their lives running around in enormous pants. The good ones were so funny that they made you forget that they were literally defying death.
I wanted to be a clown.
I even filled out the application for Ringling Bros Clown College. But, then I found out that college educated clowns had to be athletic and agile. I’m neither of those things. I just liked making people laugh. THAT is what good clowns do.
But some clowns have made clowns out of all the other clowns.
They are imposter clowns!
Real clowns are about joy and silliness, not fear and sketchiness.
The imposters with creepy makeup are running around acting in very unclownlike ways.
It seems like there is a clown apocalypse. (And, we were worried about zombies!?)
The world has changed…or has it?
There have always been imposters.
Evil in greasepaint trying to lead you into destruction instead of delight. You can recognize them because they hang out in the dark places. They avoid the Ringmaster’s spotlight.
There will always be imposters who create fear and negative stereotypes.
Don’t let the evil imposters keep you away from the circus. Don’t write off the rodeo just yet.
Don’t let fear cause you to not live life to the fullest.
Don’t hate the real clowns. Don’t lump them all in one big clown car.
Get Joy…the REAL stuff that is distilled in heaven and distributed during the hardest times. It is a weapon and it can be used against the creepiest problems. Look your fear or problem in it’s greasepaint stained eyes and say, “Beat it clown, before I spray seltzer water in your imposter face.”

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